Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Im officially BROKE!!!

Had a shopping day on Tuesday with my dear at 1U...Had a lunch at Sushi Zanmai...

I should stop eating sushi zanmai... It is so expensive....>.<...

We watched Meet The Parents: Little Fockers and it is soooo nice to watch....It's funny~~

After movie, then go for shopping....I need a black shoes for my work...So we start finding finding finding...All i wanted always has a problem>>>>>NO MORE SIZE!! F***.......... Bought a Accapulco Hooded Shirt from Cotton On for my dear and a black charity charm bracelet(believe) word which cost RM2.50..Aiks..Singapore sells $ RM0.10..I should buy overthere...Went home after that...

Reached dear house and today i gonna drive his car home because de next day gt badminton with our friends...The weather is bad....Heavy rain and i decided not to home because it will very jam *actually not really, i just dunwan home so early XD* 

I told dear that i will go Sunway Pyramid to find my working shoes.. Reached there safely and without jam.. First shop i went in is KITSCHEN and then COTTON ON.....This two shop is a must for me when in Pyramid.... haha...I just cant stop buying clothes from them....

Things I bought at 1Utama & Sunway Pyramid 

1. A top from Kitschen 

2. Two Eternity Tank-Cotton On

3. A Sparkle Detail Rib Singlet-Cotton On

4. A charlotte Slub 3/4 Raglan-Cotton On

5. 4 charity charm bracelet(orange,yellow,brown,blue)-Cotton On* there still have more colors, gonna collect all is for charity..we should buy it*

6. 2 Charity Shoes bags -Cotton On

7. 2 pair of flats...(Nina Flat-Black, Bronte Flat-Blue Floral)-Cotton On

8. A Jersey Slouch Bag(Stripes-blue/white)-Cotton On*again?!!..i got reason for it...No Plastic Bag Day for Cotton ON the bag to put my clothes*

9. Accapulco Hooded Shirt x2-Cotton On *dear's mom likes de shirt and she took it*

10. A 针织斗篷 with a singlet

11. 2 earring sets ( Love, flower)

12. Minitoons Handphone Pouch (PINK) & Handphone Strip (GREEN&RED)*bought it coz looks like GUCCI..ahahaha*

13. Black Legging

Sounds like buying alot right?? yeah it is...






Today spent alot in COTTON ON...I think my closet is FULL of Cotton On clothes... >.< Cotton On FANS here... XD

CNY new clothes all DONE!!XD 



*hope dear didnt see this post, if saw,please dun scold me...:-(*

>>>THE END<<<


yilin =) said...

u really shop alot ar. :)
which is good. xD
that day me and my mom bought alot in cotton on also.
i like ur 针织斗篷.

Yannie Wong said...

hahaha...i damn scare calvin see this post...he sure ngam me 99...i forgt go fblock c leh..saw ur post said u bought a highwaist jeans there..reli wanna go see leh :(

Crystalicious19 said...

** Wahhhh!!! Bought so many things! Yiii~ envy envy liaw~ :((((
I wan buy oso cannot. Huhu~
Hmm. Can can can I visit visit Yr "Cotton On closet" ?? Haha. X)))

Arr chiaN said... bad!!!
calvin read ur post...:(
really alot weih u bought..
HAHAHAHA...take k la..
be happy ok?? smile luilui <3

Yannie Wong said...

Crystal: hahaha...ur' welcome to my closet...ahahaha......

Yannie Wong said...

Arr Chian: XD

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