Friday, August 26, 2011

Galz day

*love this photo so much, love my face shape... <3

Had a dinner with the galz last night... Traffic Jam till night... Probably everyone balik kampung.. :S
I jammed from my house to Sunway.. T.T 
Pity me please cause Im manual car driver.. :S

There was an embarrassed moment when meeting them in the Starbucks. I'm tot they were chilled at the starbucks while waiting the rest to come and I kept walked in & and out of the starbucks to find their shadows. Everybody in the starbucks looking at me walked in & out and I was so paiseh.. :S

Finally, I met them and they with HEELS.. Damn.. They should told me earlier that they wearing heels on the day. I used to be taller than them or same height but I'm the shortest ytd. Because of it, I get a new pair of heels from Vinnci. And now I had the same pair of heels with Ren.Hahaha..
* Must RMB that heels is a must when out with these galz...XD*

I love nude color heels and it was the last pair with my size.. Im so lucky! Im back to the normal me with them. Three of us looks like a twins tower apparently. XD.. Sorry Ren~

Went to garden to have our dinner.. Lilian & Lim were late. We crapz the whole night.. *works,family,beauty,relationship and branded stuff*  We really almost years never met. Everyone busy works works works.. Really have no time to meet. We planned to have our own trip to BALI next year. I hope we can make it.. hahaha..

Camwhore timing~
Personal photo with peace..^.^v 
Carmen Lim is not there..She's late..and Im forgotten to take one for her..
Mine also failed.. Just realized everyone took photo with peace but mine was..... AIKS!!

Lilian & me's Spaghetti Carbonara with beef 
This always is my FAVORITE!! 
 Ren's Spaghetti Carbonara with chicken~
 Carmen Nam's Fried Rice with no meat...Vegetarian for a month..^^
 Carmen Lim's dunno what food... She rated 2/5 
She didnt eat much~~
 Mashed Potato for all of us..^^


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