Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sher 21st Birthday @ Bubba Gump & PaVi

26 & 27 July

Birthday Birthday Birthday~~ 
Everyone is officially 21 years old...
Mine will  be soon...
I hope I can be FOREVER 21..
That's a Brand name...

Back to topic..
Celebrated Sher's birthday @ Bubba Gump..
We just had a normal dinner and some gathering...
I didn't meet my coursemate since the graduation day..
Im sooooo anti-social~
Im trying to be more social now...

Didn't prepare present for Sher but promised her that will buy something for her the next day...^^
We were so pissed off on Bubba Gump services..
Foods delayed..
Ordered wrongly..
Bad attitude..
*Thumbs down~~~

We requested them to sing birthday song for our birthday gal and they mumbled that not to waste their time...


 Mass Communication buddies 

 Craziest women of the world..

Be a driver for birthday gal Sher, Rachel & Justin to Pavi...
On the way to Pavi....

Lunch @ KFC

We stuck in the jam...
& I was so pissed off...
Guess what?
 Sher enjoyed taking photos in the car..

At night, I went to Mont Kiara to have my very very first birthday celebration with my frenz...
At first we planned to go Tenji to have our dinner but......
Tenji CLOSED!!
At last we decided to have our dinner @ the Japanese Restaurant..
Forgot the name...XD

And I get my very first birthday present from Jo...
Thanks thanks thanks...
Love it so much...

That's all for today..

* Used PhotoShake! app to edit all the photos.. Nice app.. <3


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