Monday, November 28, 2011

Tiring dayzz

Going to Seremban in the morning and back to KL at night is totally tortured me.
Woke up in the early morning to get escape from the jam..
Meet up at the KL Sentral & the place is kinda far for me..
That's made me woke up super "early" in the morning,..

The first time went to pasar to buy food with make up..
You didn't see wrong..
Don't think that I type wrongly
I went to pasar with MAKE UP..
It's so awkward..
Everybody was looking at me with "ehem"

I bet they are thinking that.....
"What's wrong with this girl?Go pasar also want to make up..sai mm sai oh~"
Due to "foodless" at my working place..
Actually not "foodless"
Just nothing to eat..
Only mamak stall..
I had no choice..
I have to bring some food to eat during my break time

My working place is a OMG to me..
How to say?
forget it...
Just keep in my heart only..

♥♥ 20 days more to go ♥♥


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