Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011 Pt 2

Worked for DCIM 2011 during Christmas..
My eyes gonna blind due to the camera flash..
Eyes turned from O.O >>> *.*
but it worth~
 I enjoyed work with the Fujifilm people and the promoter as well..
 Steven and me.. My Ji Mui <3<3

Siong & me =)

Show some photos from photographers first.. =)

Day 1
Elegant Look
Casual Look

 Elegant Look
Casual Look

I looks so tall in this photo..XD
 Elegant Look the whole day 
*lazy to change to casual look*

Printed photos from the photographersss~

I love the feel.. <3<3
My toy for 3days!!
>>>Fujifilm X100<<<

Last photo

Me after work...tired face..>.<


小笨蛋鬼 said...

nice modeling picture ya~

Cherish Baby said...

Hey pretty, can I know what model camera you use to camwhore? :)

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