Saturday, December 3, 2011


 Told myself that December will be a good month to me...
I had a car accident when I on the way home...
I'm so pissed off now..
My first ever car accident...
I'm a good driver...
I'm so innocent...
Innocent good driver always have a bad luck..

"Malay Pig"
Are you blind???
Don't you see the traffic light is red??
Don't you see there are two cars in front of you?
Are you drunk?

Really wanna to start a fight with him but I was alone...
He bang my car but not dare to come out from the car..
even just apologize to me with his hand up and giving me LCLY face with the chewing gum..
What kind of attitude is that?

I so f*cking hate MALAY now...
You are so irresponsible,PIG!!!!


Anonymous said...

dun so racist, yannie... not good not good... hehe~~
btw, take care of urself... dun get home late , so dangerous.. lucky that r are safe right now~~

Anonymous said...

u eat pig whatt? oh then last week a chinese guy hit my car so i have to hate chinese too? he bang my car and he said i was wrong when obviously he the one who drives like fuck. next time watch what u write. and if u scared of that little bastard u should take down his plate number, not by writing in ur blog saying 'malay pig'!

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