Tuesday, November 16, 2010

*DIY* Trim Bangs by Yourself

My bangs has grows longer.. It covered up my eyes and very difficult to see things.. Am consider half blind with my long bangs. So, I decided to trim my bangs by myself. I did it before for many times and I think it will be alright. 

Last night I trimmed my bangs.. Am so nervous when starts to trim it because it's been a long long time never touch the hairdressing scissors.. Separate my bangs into two parts- upper and below.. I trims the below part first in case I trims too shorts, the upper parts still can cover up my below parts.

I accidentally cut my eyelid.......
Dun worry.. It is just a small red dot..
I curls my bangs with a hair roller to makes it more natural :D
Am done with my new short bangs..

>> THE END <<


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