Saturday, December 11, 2010

Addicted to Online Shopping!

Recently addicted to online shopping likes contact lens, clothes and bags..... Before that, I was not dare to online shopping. My first impression of online shopping is bad quality, products doesn't looks the same like what we saw in the picture...Wanna to complain also no use :(

But now I keep back my word...You can be at ease if you meet a credible seller, just like me :D I never buy things online with unknown seller, I will go for those who i know.. like my friend's boutique...My Sweetie Pie...Her products are in good quality and I love the styles.. I already bought few clothes and bag from her..:D I always very gan jiong while saw something i love...This is because her product quantity is limited and very fast no stock..For example, uploads a new product photo half or an hour later, the product is gone....GONE!!! Especially those I wanted to buy...It always RESERVED!!!!GERRRR..........
She has a lot of loyal buyers and now, I'm part of them.. XD

Now, viewing her facebook boutique... Everytime got new products, she will sms me..:D.....gerrr...saw one t shirt in blue color and guess what??? RESERVED!!!!! DAMN!!

>>>THE END<<<

Next post will be about my new contact lens :D



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