Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve....But I didnt feels anything christmas atmosphere here.. Sad Sad :(
Went to Immigration Department of Malaysia - Subang with dear to renew our passport... I asked for my passport from my mom before I go out... and I really tot my passport is expired.. My mom told me that no need to renew cause it still have nine more months to expire.. XD.. Yeah.. No need to waste $$$ to renew passport..

Btw, I still accompany dear go Kelana Jaya to renew his passport... There are a lots of peoples renewing their passport.. We wait there since 1pm to 420pm to renew dear's passport... We played our phone and ipod touch till no battery while waiting for the passport... Suddenly, the officer called "Alvin Loo Kye Wei?" I was like "har"...M i heard wrongly?? hahaha...Yes, I did.. Finally dear got his new passport.. woohoo~~ And we are so excited for the Singapore Trip next week..
PS: Dear let me drive his Audi during the journey...Yeah~ So happy leh.... I drove his Myvi, BMW before.. and finally get a chance to drive his Audi... XD "I will very careful while driving..Don't worry.."

At night, I already start choosing clothes for the trip... and guess what.. 3 days trip and 3days wear dress....ahahahaha...... Suddenly change style...Become lady in this trip... XD Im still finding shoes to match my dressssssss............matching matching~~


>>>THE END<<<


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