Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lashes Freak

When Im still 18..I  was a little pure, innocent girl which just finished my secondary school life. In college, I met my classmate who wearing fake eyelashes to class and I told my frenz that "Wah, college only nice to wear so thick eyelashes anot? For me, I sure wont wear it....." At that time, I still dunno how to put fake eyelashes and I was not interested on it... Until~~~~One day, I chose to be a model for INTI BALL......The make up artist helped me wear fake eyelashes...and that is the FIRST TIME wearing fake eyelashes....After that, I addicted on wearing fake eyelashes!!!

In this two years time, I bought a lot of different type of fake eyelashes and cosmetics... and my make up skills is better than last time..Thanks to POPTEEN & VIVI magazines.....Especially POPTEEN...it taught us a lot of make up skills and I learn from them.. :D...but I still dunno how to put bottom fake eyelashes...It looks weird... :(


Dolly Wink Fake Eyelashes is 

 I have many pairs of eyelashes and now I decided to sell it....hope got people want to buy it from me...Is new....LELONG LELONG~~~~ Who wants to buy can leave ur comment here..:D

 Dramatic Eyelashes

Grazer Eyelashes

I used two type of Dolly Wink Eyelashes to make a new eyelashes :D

Bought it last week......I love short but volume fake eyelashes recently...

Talking to the moon- Bruno Mars

>>>THE END<<<


Anonymous said...

u still sell those eyelashes?

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