Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last day of August

I enjoyed the last day of my month>> AUGUST
Met my bitchy gal Ren @ Pyramid as usual.. 
Im really bored with pyramid..

Just realized my tongue so 'sharp' =.="

We spent our day @ ZenQ Dessert~
Met my old old friend KENT PING there...XD
3 years no meet ^^
He looks different like last time dy...
Hope his sickness will heal soon..
Pray hard for you...
Forgot to take photo with him...

At night, 
I had my primary school friends gathering @ station one..
This time failed again...
Everyone balik kampung or trip...

We planned to have a big gathering again on September..XD
This time should be a lot people...

PICs Section~

Fiona please don't kill me..>,<

Teng Teng Hou "SOK" <3
 ~~Ah Seng~~
 Nice shot!
~~Wei Chang~~
Kobe Haha aka 梳邦未来的村长 XD
~~Yi Cheng ~

 Took photo with the TOP 10 The most 'leng zhai' in Subang... =.=
Gordon aka ah cong..XD
~~Alan Firwandy~~
This photo kinda failed due to the LANCI waiter...HNGG!!


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