Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maggi Queen in the house

Please called me "Maggi Queen"
hehehehe... XD
Why "Maggi Queen"
Bcoz I always eat Maggi Mee..

My lovely "bitches" gave me this nickname..
Quite funny..& I like it..
To avoid me to have instant noodle for dinner again, they asked me out for dinner tonight.

Outfit of the day
1 piece dress and flat shoes today..
We always kap hou what to wear when we out..XD

We met at SS15..
Im always the first arrive the place we meet..
I always punctual..hahaha...
What a good habit..
* thnks to my dad for trained me since young*

Camwhore is the best thing I can do while waiting for them to arrive..^^

Had our dinner at Banana Leaf @ Bangsar..
The indian was sooo funny.. 
And we had some communication problem there..
Luckily Lilian was there..

Thnks to Lilian..
Our table fulled of FOODS..

Chilled at PappaRich after our dinner..
We discussed something there..
Quite funny and Im so excited about the "thing"
Looking forward~~~


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